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Sponsors needed

Are you able to help support the running costs of this event?


Sponsorship opportunities

We are delighted to receive support from a number of sponsors, and more information about our current sponsors can be found HERE.

However if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, here are a few ideas which may be of interest. If you can help please do get in touch on 01223 723115 or EMAIL us:

  • Fund the marketing materials needed to promote the event
  • Loan us a van so we can get all of the necessary equipment to the venue
  • Donate the use of sound equipment
  • Supply bacon, rolls and ketchup for our bacon butties or go even sweeter with the hot chocolate
  • Provide lighting for our car park area
  • Donate the water needed for our thirsty participants
  • Cover the cost of the t-shirts for each walker
  • Fund the candles down the candle lit path

Packages are available at a range of levels, each offering an array of promotional opportunities so please contact us with your budget and we shall create a package just for you!